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Pre-Amplificador Stereo
Colores Disponibles: Silver - Black

Succeeding the highly acclaimed 8000Q in Audiolab’s range, the 8200Q is, quite simply, the ideal audiophile preamplifier. A high-performance preamp should deliver all of the functionality and control required without imposing any character of its own upon the delicate audio signals. It’s this neutrality that is so hard to achieve, and it is this neutrality that forms the heart of the Audiolab experience.

The 8200Q supplies six line-level inputs (including three tape loops) coupled to the convenience of remote control, with component selection and engineering of the highest standard. All signals are switched with audiophile-grade signal relays and the volume control is a motorised potentiometer, for precise tracking and maximum sound quality. A separate gain control enables sensitivity to be adjusted to suit different power amps and source components, with sophisticated circuitry maintaining sound quality at every setting.

With the unerring accuracy of a precision instrument, the 8200Q delivers unsurpassed neutrality, making it the perfect centrepiece for a high-performance audio system.

SpecificationFrequency Response: 10 Hz-20 kHz±0.2 dB; 1Hz-75 kHz -3dB
Total Harmonic Distortion & Noise: Less than 0.007% ref7.7V rms, 20Hz - 20 kHz
Channel Balance: Within 1dB
Channel Separation: Better than100dB@1 kHz any input, any setting
Pre-amp Output: Max. Output>7.7V RMS (20dBm); Output impedance 75Ω
Headphone Output: >7.7Vrms; l00Ω: (for headphones BΩ-2kΩimpedance)
Record Output: VIDEO OUT, TAPE l OUT, TAPE 2 OUT: Gain 0dB (xl); l00Ω
Muting: Attenuation >63 dB, controlled automatically
Operating Temperature Range: 10-35Ž
Weight: Net: 6kg Shipping:7.3 kg
•Magnetic flux isolation
•ALPS motorized volume control
•Aluminum panel construction
•Gold plated relay switching
•Gain control

Audiolab 8200Q - 01

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