Audiolab MPWR Etapa potencia estereo

Audiolab MPWR

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  • Audiolab MPWR Etapa de potencia estéreo
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    Etapa estéreo 2x40W RMS 8Ω.
    Entradas balanceadas.
    RCA ideal para MDAC o QDAC.



    A 40W per channel stereo power amplifier with excellent sound quality in a compact chasis, designed to match the Q-DAC and M-DAC. With both balanced and unbalanced analogue inputs, the MPWR is a cost effective amplifier with a high performance electronic design capable of driving all loudspeakers with impedance of 4 to 8 ohms. An IEC mains power inlet is positioned on the rear panel along with twin four way binding posts for loudspeaker connections. 

    Características principales:

    - Etapa de Potencia Estereo

    - Potencia Real: 40W x 2 RMS

    - Impedancia: 8 Ohms

    - Clase A

    - Entrada Analógica

    - Entradas XLR Balacenadas

    - Fuente de alimentación de alta capacidad de corriente

    - Chasis metálico

    - Perfecta para conectar el MDAC o el QDAC

    - Dimensiones: 247 x 114 x 262

    - Peso: 4,7 Kg 


        Audiolab M-PWR stereo power amplifier

        Power output: 2x40W / 8 ohm; 2x60W / 4 ohm
        harmonic distortion: <0.008% (10W 1kHz)
        <0.05% (10W, 20Hz-20kHz)
        frequency response: -0.5dB (20Hz-20kHz, ref. 1KHz)
        input sensitivity: 600mV (RCA line in)
        input impedance: 10 kΩ (balanced); 20 kΩ (unbalanced)
        signal to noise ratio (S/N): 106dB (poziom dźwięku przy 40W)
        power input: 220-240V ~ 50-60Hz; 110-120V ~ 50-60Hz; 100V ~ 50-60Hz
        dimensions: 247 x 114 x 252 (mm)
        weight: 4,7 kg (net)


    Audiolab MPWR

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