Amplificador Audiolab 8200A

4102 - 01

producto agotado y descatalogado. Sustituido por Audiolab 8300A

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  • Amplificador Audiolab 8200A. Producto diseñado "sin concesiónes cara a la galeria", suficientes entradas, comodo mando a distancia, componentes internos de gran calidad y buena calidad de sonido.

    producto agotado y descatalogado. Sustituido por Audiolab 8300A 

    Audiolab’s latest integrated amp is the result of elegant, unfussy engineering of the highest quality. Clean lines and firm, responsive controls ensure it is a pleasure to use, while the amp’s internal design delivers exceptional sound: fast, clean and detailed, a performance perfectly in balance from deep bass to soaring treble.

    The 8200A delivers 60W per channel and supplies six line-level inputs and three outputs. Twin sets of speaker terminals are provided to facilitate bi-wiring, along with a high-quality, front-mounted headphone output, while a top-grade ALPS motorised volume control and motorised input switches deliver the convenience of remote control without any loss of performance.

    No fuss, no frills. Just pure engineering excellence for an impeccable user experience – that’s the Audiolab 8200A, in a nutshell.

    • Magnetic Flux Isolation
    • ALPS motorized volume control
    • Aluminum panel construction
    • Four stage discrete power amplifier
    • Open loop gain calibration
    • J-FET input stages
    • Gold plated relay switching
    • 4 Operating modes
      • Integrated
      • Pre-Power
      • Pre
      • Pre-Power AV 
    3 x estereo (via 3 parejas RCA)
    3 x grabador (via 3 parejas RCA)
     1 x sistemas de altavoces con Bi-cableado
     2 x Pre Out
    Controles:  NO
    Selector de grabación:  SI
    Potencia Amplificador (watios): 2 x 60 (8 Ohms RMS)
    Número de canales: 2
    Acesorios suministrados:  Mando a distancia
    An x Al x Prof (mm): 445 × 64 × 302
    Peso (kg): 7,4
    Acabado: Negro o Plata
    4102 - 01

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