Audio Analogue Crescendo 3100 AirTech Lector CD

Audio Analogue Crescendo CD

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Lector de CD Audio Analogue 3100 CD AirTech

The Crescendo CDP by AIRTECH comes from a deep research in which it was decided to implement technologies previously used only in High-End reference products. The CD-mechanism used is the CD-5010B specifically designed by Teac for high quality audio applications. The CD-5010B has been developed starting from a CD Rom base, reducing its speed of rotation in order to avoid mechanical vibrations. The reading process has been improved by reducing in particular the contribution of jitter.

The DA conversion circuit is composed of a 192KHz/24Bit "very low recovered system clock" Burr Brown receiver (Jitter residue of 50ps!) and a 192KHz/24Bit Burr Brown DAC with Enhanced Multilevel Delta Sigma architecture.

In this product Audio Analogue has focused heavily on the output stage where it was decided to undertake a new project line. We made a fourth order active filter, along with the single-pole filter inside the DAC, it forms a fifth order filter. Such high order filtering allows to choose "freely" the cut-off frequency of the filter output with excellent results in performance especially with regard to the definition of the music scene. The problem with this approach is the increase of distortion and noise due to the number of stages that must be passed by the music signal, problem solved thanks to the experience of Audio Analogue and meticulous choice of each passive component in order to reduce the overall distortion and noise with a surprising result, further developed through collaboration with AIRTECH that makes unique something already very good: the changes and technologies used in some key points of the circuit mainly concern the wiring, using pure 7N OCC copper cables, the same used for the production of AIRTECH cables, adding Wima and Sonicap capacitors for better filtering and decoupling of the stages. These changes effectively allow a significant improvement of sound performance on all parameters and mainly in micro-detail and the three-dimensionality of the sound stage. The sound is more open, listening is more pleasant, never tiring thanks to better "musicality"

Ancho 44 x Alto 8 x Fondo 35 cm
Peso de 6,8 Kg

Como amplificador a juego encontramos el Amplificador Audio Analogue Crescendo 


Audio Analogue Crescendo CD

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