Etapa potencia Advance Acoustic XA160

Advance Acoustic XA160

etapa potencia estereo 160 Watios x 2 a 8 Ohmios. Potencia de 240W a 4 Ohmios. Entradas XLR y RCA

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  • Etapa potencia estereo, dos canales, Advance Acoustic XA160  
    - X-A160 amplifier consists of a partioned ultra rigid chassis, providing effective shielding, which eliminates any risk of interference betwwen the different circuits of the device.
    - The use of "Audiophile" components is the warranty of a detailed and subtlety reproduction of your favourite music.
    - The high power of the power supply, combined with the « high current »power transistors (NJW0281G - NJW0302G) provides a powerful dynamic. 
    - The X-A160 provides a power of 160 W per channel in class AB, a switch on the rear panel allows to deliver the first 45 W in Class A. Beyond this limit, the amplifier commutes automatically in Class AB. 
    Power output : 2 X 160W/8Ω
    Power output : 2 X 240W/4Ω
    Frequency Response : 10Hz-80kHz
    Distorsion : < 0,07%
    S/N ratio : > 120 dB
    Channel separation : > 80 dB
    Input Impedance : 20KΩ Unbal.
                                 38KΩ Bal.
    AC Input : 115-230V ( Automatic)
    Standby power consumption : < 0,5W
    Max. power consumption : < 500W
    Transformer : 1 (700W)
    Dimensions : Alto 16x Ancho 44x Fondo 42 cm 
    Net weight : 19 kg 


    Advance Acoustic XA160

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