Bose Virtually Invisible 300 Altavoces inalambricos

Bose Virtually Invisible 300

Altavoces inalámbricos exclusivos para acompañar a la barra de sonido Bose SoundTouch 300 SoundBar

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  • Bose Virtual Invisible 300. Altavoces inalámbricos exclusivos para acompañar a la barra de sonido Bose SoundTouch 300 SoundBar

    Cada altavoz cuenta con un receptor inalámbrico que ha de ir conectado a corriente. Por lo tanto lo que hacemos es evitar tirar cables desde la barra hasta los traseros, facilitando enormemente la instalación.

    El sistema cuenta con
    _2 altavoces bose Virtually Invisible
    _2 receptores inalámbricos de señal (uno para cada altavoz)
    _2 cables de alimentación
    _2 cables de altavoz para unir el receptor al altavoz. 

    Surround sound. Elegantly. Wirelessly.
    When it comes to rear surround speakers, the only thing you want to stand out is the sound. Standing less than four inches tall, Virtually Invisible 300 wireless surround speakers fit right in. Designed exclusively to pair with the SoundTouch 300 soundbar, these unobtrusive rear surround speakers provide sweeping sound that adds to your movies, sports and TV shows.

    A nice add to your home theater setup
    Adding these surround speakers to your SoundTouch 300 soundbar leads to a thrilling, theater-like experience. And the setup? Simple. Two wireless receivers accompany the speakers to facilitate a wireless connection to the soundbar. Once connected, you have a premium acoustic setup to complement the powerful performance of the soundbar.


    Virtually Invisible 300  Altavoces: Alto 9,55 cm  x 8,32 cm Anchox 8,49 cm Fondo
    Peso de 0,54 kg

    Medidas de los receptores Ancho:16,6 cm x  Alto 4,1 cm x Fondo 7,8 cm
    Peso de 0,28 kg


    Bose Virtually Invisible 300

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