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Yamaha NSF330 Altavoces

Yamaha NSF330

Altavoces de suelo con diseño de 2 vías bass reflex. Incluye dos woofers de 130mm y tweeter de luminio de 30mm

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  • Pareja de altavoces, dos unidades. 
    Terminación con el frontal en negro lacado y laterales en negro mate
    Permite bicableado

    Supple and Clear Mid-to-High Range and Expansive Bass that Envelopes You

    As a new cornerstone tallboy speaker equipped with a newly designed unit, this is a speaker system developed with music as its focus. It employs an all-new high resolution compatible dome tweeter that puts it in a different league from ordinary speakers that claim high resolution compatibility: 40 kHz. Equipped with dual woofers, its massive, expansive bass tones are more than a match for its high frequencies. It brings out all the subtle differences among a wide variety of music formats, from high resolution source sources to streaming to CDs.

    Expansive, Glistening Sound. A New 3 cm (1”) Aluminium Dome Tweeter that Reproduces 45 kHz (–10 dB) High Frequencies
    With the characteristics and sound quality you would expect from a next generation unit, it features a new structure that places an aluminium dome inside the voice coil. The aluminium’s Black Anodised processing suppresses the aluminium-specific character of its sound, producing a natural, glistening sound quality. The diffuser features a new shape, and the voice coil is comprised of CCAW (copper-coated aluminium wire) reengineered in material and linearity. While maintaining the amount of information and energy in the audible band, it achieves 45 kHz (–10 dB) reproduction with extended high frequencies. Compared to other speakers you will hear a whole new dimension of high resolution high frequency sound.

    Tweeter Features a Unique Waveguide Horn for Directivity Control
    The unique waveguide horn and tweeter utilise the same waveguide technology used for directivity control in studio monitor speakers to control the incidence of indirect sound. The vertical and horizontal directivity control provides an energy balance unaffected by the room environment.

    Massive Rich and Mellow Low End. A Pair of 13 cm (5”) Woofers Utilising PMD Cones

    The NS-F330’s 2-way, 3-speaker configuration employs the lightweight, high rigidity PMD cone and woofer used with proven success in Europe and Japan in the Modern Cherry Series, achieving ideal internal loss and high elasticity characteristics. The new design put both the voice coil and spider under the knife, achieving powerful but mellow deep tones. As a double woofer tallboy speaker, its low end is truly massive and expansive.

    Rounded Front Baffle with Double Structure
    The cabinet features a rounded shape that curves smoothly to both sides. By reducing the number of parallel surfaces it minimises standing waves and unwanted resonance. The front baffle has a double structure with a mirror-like piano finish. With reinforced strength, it produces more natural, extremely transparent high tones.

    Massive Power for Optimum Sound Performance

    Type 2-way bass-reflex floorstanding speakers
    Woofers Dual 13cm (5”) cone
    Tweeter 3cm (1”) aluminium dome
    Frequency Response 40 Hz–45 kHz
    Nominal Input Power 50 W
    Maximum Input Power 200 W
    Sensitivity 89 dB/2.83 V/1 m
    Crossover Frequencies 3.2 kHz
    Impedance 6 ohms

    Dimensiones Ancho 202 x Alto 950 x Fondo 297 mm
    Weight 18.2 kg


    Yamaha NSF330

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