Marantz SR6003

Marantz SR6003

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The SR6003 upholds Marantz’s soaring standards in movie and music reproduction, and functionality. The receiver supports the latest High Definition multichannel formats, such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio, plus integrates all the other key audio standards. Marantz’s vast experience in this field – and, of course, the use of select high-quality components as well as skilfully engineered circuitry – guarantees leading audio quality, and these key elements work in harmony to recreate the emotion, exactly as the recording artist intended. On the video side, the SR6003 brings a trio of HDMI 1.3 inputs and a brace outputs, supporting Deep Color, which all adds up to class-leading connectivity. Equipped with a high-quality video scaler from i-Chips, the SR6003 supports I/P conversion and up-scaling up to 1080p. The boosted analogue signals are outputted via HDMI, meaning tremendous images from all your video sources. In addition to High Definition digital audio and video processing, the SR6003’s onboard M-DAX (Marantz Dynamic Audio Expander) even upgrades your compressed audio formats, such as MP3 and ACC. Meanwhile the front-fascia SB enables instant access to your portable MP3 player’s music files. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) delivers effortless usability, and the SR6003 includes Audyssey MULTEQ room calibration meaning you can optimise the sound of your system at the touch of a button. Last, but not least, the learnable remote with LCD display and macro function, means not just initial, but also ongoing, ease of use. This way, you continually get the best from this outstandingly capable receiver. Fully discrete wide range current feedback A/V receiver delivering 7 x 100 watts New solid reference standard chassis with hidden front inputs behind a flap Graphical User Interface for easy setup Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD Master Audio and 7.1 Multichannel PCM for High Definition (HD) Audio from Blu-ray Disc™ 32-bit DSP with DD-EX, DTS-ES, DTS96/24, CSII and DPL IIx SACD multichannel DSD signal support via HDMI input Room Acoustic Calibration with EQ by Audyssey for one touch speaker set-up Front USB Audio input for playback of compressed audio formats MP3,AAC and WMA M-DAX - Audio enhancer for all compressed audio formats as MP3, WMA, AAC, etc. Three HDMI1.3a inputs for digital audio and video including Deep Color support Two HDMI1.3a outputs direct selectable via remote or RS232 Built in video scaler from I-Chips for upscaling all analogue signals to HDMI 1080p High-grade video conversion with line memory up to HDMI Interlaced/progressive conversion for analogue to HDMI converted video signals One zone multi-room/multi-source for audio Assignable surround back speaker for multi-room SPECIFICATIONS Audiosection Power Output 100 / 120 W Signal to Noise ratio 105 dB Freq response (Analogue) 8 Hz - 100 kHz Freq response (digital) 8 Hz - 45 kHz T.H.D. Input sensivity 180mV/47kohm GENERAL Metal frontpanel Remote Control RC003SR Remote type Dimensions 440 x 388 x 160.5 Weight 13.2 kg

Marantz SR6003

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