Marantz SA8003

Marantz SA8003

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The SA8003 represents uncompromised music reproduction from CD, SA-CD and even USB devices. With technology derived from Marantz’s acclaimed flagship Super Audio CD player, every aspect of the SA8003’s construction has been critically reviewed and developed by us to attain uncompromised quality. This design configuration translates into clear and powerful reproduction of even the most demanding recorded musical performances. The copper-plated chassis and rear panel reduce signal-degrading electromagnetic interference and offers lowest impedance grounding to every spot of the player. Every aspect of Marantz’s extensive knowledge and expertise has been used in perfecting the symmetric circuitries with top-quality parts, ensuring pure audiophile hi-fi enjoyment. The new Zylon loading mechanism enables listeners fully to appreciate Super Audio CDs and provides the perfect depth, dynamics, and sonic excellence you’ve come to expect from this exquisite Super Audio CD player. It can even replay compressed audio formats such as MP3 and WMA in the same high-fidelity quality. A USB front input completes this extraordinary player, which will bring many hours of unsurpassed listening. Purist reproduction that expresses the true essence and full emotion of music New solid reference-standard chassis New ZYLON loading mechanism for Super Audio CDs (stereo), CDs, CD-R/RW, MP3 and WMA file replay USB interface for audio playback Audiophile-grade selected customised audio components for best balanced audio Audiophile D/A conversion by the CS4398 Symmetric discrete circuit architecture with Marantz HDAM SA-2 Display Off function to minimise high-frequency noise interference High-quality headphone amplifier with fast current buffer output Toroidal transformer for instantaneously current delivery capability Copper-plated chassis and back panel for lowest impedance grounding Rigid dual-layer chassis construction eliminates virtually any mechanical vibration Dedicated power supplies for system blocks to A/Void any interference on audio signal Zero impedance matching joint for line outputs guarantees same grounding level Gold-plated outputs for best connectivity Detachable power cord SPECIFICATIONS SACD AUDIO Sampling Frequency Dynamic Range 112 dB Frequency Response (Cust.) 2 - 100kHz S/N 110 dB THD+N (1 kHz) 0.002% CDDA AUDIO Sampling Frequency Dynamic Range 100 dB Frequency Response (Custom) 2 - 20kHz S/N 110 dB THD+N (1 kHz) 0.002% Frequency Response 2 - 20kHz GENERAL Color Black / Silver-Gold Front panel metal Remote Control RC002SA Power Requirements 220V / 50Hz Power Consumption On/Standby 25 Dimensions Inch (W x H x D) 440 x 343.5 x 108.5 Weight 7.8 kg

Marantz SA8003

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