Marantz SA-KI Pearl

Marantz SA-KI Pearl

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Producto ya disponible. As with amplifiers, you can’t judge a CD player by its specs on paper alone. You need to listen to it. And that is what Ken Ishiwata has done in designing this unsurpassed KI Pearl SA-CD Player. That’s why he built in a “bulletproof”, vibration-damped cabinet, a rock solid power supply with a Toroidal transformer and a state of the art CD mechanism. Sure, it all sounds easy, but only with decades of engineering experience and product design and an intimate understanding of music reproduction is it possible to create a product like the SA-KI Pearl. Celebrating Ken Ishiwata’s 30 Years of Dedication and Service to the Marantz Brand Limited Edition SA-CD Player in Honor of Ken Ishiwata 30th Anniversary Personally customized by Ken Ishiwata himself Pearl (Silk Black) in Color - a First for Marantz Reference Solid 5mm Thick Heavy Aluminum Top Cover Large Toroidal Transformer with Copper Plated Shield Case Copper Plated Chassis with a Double Layered Bottom Plate Hand Selected High Quality Audiophile Grade Components by Ken Ishiwata Solid Aluminum Machined Feet Original SACDM-10 Xyron material high rigid mechanism SA-CD(Stereo),CD,CD-R/RW(MP3/WMA/CD-DA) playback Selectable digital filter Cirrus Logic D/A – CS4398 Original HDAM-SA2 circuits Optical/gold coax digital outputs Optical digital input for DAC mode (up to 96kHz) Zero impedance copper ground plate – high S/N & L/R separation Discrete high current headphone amp/output Machined brass analog output terminals Digital out off mode for pure playback Low noise LCD display Detachable power cord The new KI Pearl SACD Player is not just a SACD Player, not just another ‘upgrade’ of an existing product by Ken Ishiwata. The KI Pearl SACD Player is an accumulation of 30 years of audio experience. It is Ken Ishiwata’s 30th anniversary gift to true Hi-Fi lovers. INSIDE INFORMATION Silk black finish 5mm top cover Solid aluminum feet Additional heavy bottom plate Copper-plated chassis High quality audio components Adapting HDAM-SA2 & HDAM-SA modules Toroidal transformer Xyron tray loader High Performance DAC CS4398 from Cirrus Logic Selectable DAC filter Optical digital input for DAC mode Playback SACD stereo, CD-DA, MP3 and WMA Aluminum top remote control Every owner of a KI-SA Pearl will be entitled to an exclusive collectables package, after registering, containing: Extended warranty from 3 to 5 years Special SACD, created by Ken Ishiwata A special KI Pearl book A unique certificate, signed by Ken Ishiwata Dimension & Weight: Dimensions (W x H x D): 440 x 127 x 419 cm Weight: 14,5 kg

Marantz SA-KI Pearl

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