Marantz PM8003

Marantz PM8003

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The new integrated amplifier from Marantz’s flagship ‘Range’ series encompasses the finest engineering for the best sound quality. Every aspect of the design and construction of the PM8003 has been thoroughly investigated and tested for superb performance. Marantz experts have reshaped the PM8003’s power handling characteristics, delivering a new circuitry topology powered by a large, bespoke toroidal transformer. This low impedance, wide-bandwidth power supply ensures a massive reserve of energy, to drive even difficult speakers with ease. And, as vinyl is back, a moving magnet phono stage is also supported – of course in current feedback technology. Enjoy the exclusivity of this unsurpassed integrated amplifier. The PM8003 harnesses audiophile-grade customised components and the new HDAMs (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules) preserve the music’s dynamic structure, tonal quality and stereo image. Delivering a combined power output of over 200 watts, this two-stage construction, current feedback amplifier features symmetrical circuit topology for the perfect stereo image balancing. The copper-plated chassis and rear-panel reduce signal-degrading electromagnetic interference and offers the lowest impedance grounding to every section of the amp. An additional heavy bottom plate reduces sound-degrading vibration. Purist reproduction expressing the essence and emotion of music 2 x 70 watts (8 Ohm RMS) power amplification New solid reference standard chassis Current Feedback technology for fast signal handling and extended frequency range Toroidal transformer for instantaneously current delivery capability Marantz Current Feedback HDAMs Customised components and symmetric circuit topology Rigid dual layer chassis construction virtually eliminates any mechanical vibration Copper-plated chassis and back panel for lowest impedance grounding Source Direct function for finest sound quality, which bypass the tone control Amp Direct mode for operation as power amplifier only (for bi-amp mode or extension of A/V-Receiver) Current feedback topology phono stage Speaker terminal A/B with custom made Marantz terminals Detachable power cord System remote control and Marantz D-Bus Speaker Terminal 2 pairs, Marantz custom made AC Outlets SPECIFICATIONS Power Output (8/4 Ohm RMS) 70 / 100W Frequency Range 10Hz - 80kHz Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) 0.0001% Bridged Power Output Damping Factor Input Sensitivity MM/MC 2mV/47kohm / - Input Sensitivity High Level 200mV/20kohm Input Sensitivity Balanced Signal to Noise MM/MC 87 dB / - Signal to Noise High Level 106 dB Channel Separation Headphone Out GENERAL Color Black / Silver-Gold Front Panel metal Remote Control RC003PM Power Consumption 200W Detachable Power Cable Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 440 x 364 x 123 Weight 11.0kg

Marantz PM8003

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