Marantz PM-KI Pearl

Marantz PM-KI Pearl

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When you first encounter the new KI Pearls, the first thing you notice are their unique ‘Silk Pearl’ finishing. The first of its kind for Marantz. But it’s the magic that Ken Ishiwata has created inside the box that really gets the pulse racing. He has built-in everything possible to ensure that the music is reproduced exactly as the original artist and recording engineer intended. The Pearl integrated amplifier is just as stunning as its combining SACD player – its 90 watts per channel into 8 ohms or 140 watts into 4 ohms means it can boss even the most demanding of loudspeakers. While its two-stage circuit construction guarantees a breath-taking signal to noise ratio and spectacular stereo imaging. This page could tell you about the watts, ohms, and voltages. We could also explain about how we have maximised signal-to-noise and eliminated interference. But we won’t. Because specifications are just facts. We’re interested in feelings. The feelings you get when you listen to beautiful, powerful and uplifting music. Engaging with the artists’ emotions. That’s why the KI Pearl amp is ‘invisible’ – it adds nothing to the music signal that wasn’t intended by the musician, but it keeps the loudspeaker under total control. So you can enjoy the feeling. In short, KI Pearls are true objects of beauty in every sense. For more information about the KI Pearls please visit www.marantz.eu/kipearl NEW Ken Ishiwata’s 30th anniversary model amplifier Limited Edition Silk black finish 5 mm aluminium top cover Solid aluminium feet Additional heavy bottom-plate Copper-plated chassis High quality audio components Adapting HDAM-SA3 & HDAM-SA2 modules Toroidal transformer with case Full discrete 2-stage power amplifier Constant current feedback phono equalizer (MM/MC) CD direct input buffer circuit Power amp. direct input 140 W/ch at 4 ohms, 90 W/ch at 8 ohms Aluminium top remote control FEATURES Channels 2 Current Feedback Topology Class A amplification Linear Drive Power Supply CCNE Power Transformer Toroidal HDAM SA2 & SA3 Symmetric PCB Layout Chassis Copper plated High Grade Audio Components Customized Components System Block Shielding Copper BTL Possibility Treble, Bass Balance Loudness Source Direct Separate Solid Heatsinks Speaker A/B Record Selector Tape Monitor Temperature Gauge Standby mode Gold Plated Cinch IN/OUTPUTS Audio Inputs 6 Phono Input MM / MC Audio Outputs 2 Balanced I/O External Control In Processor I/O Pre-out / Main in Yes D-Bus I/O Speaker Terminal WBT AC Outlets SPECIFICATIONS Power Output (8/4 Ohm RMS) 90/140W Frequency Range 5 - 100kHz Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) 0.05% Bridged Power Output Damping Factor 100 Input Sensitivity MM/MC 2.8mV (MM) / 0.27mV (MC) Input Sensitivity High Level 240mV Input Sensitivity Balanced Signal to Noise MM/MC 87dB (MM) / 75dB (MC) Signal to Noise High Level 89dB Channel Separation Headphone Out GENERAL Color Silk Black Front Panel Metal Remote Control RC001PM Power Consumption 220W Detachable Power Cable Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 440x444x127 Weight 20kg

Marantz PM-KI Pearl

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