Marantz MA-9S2

Marantz MA-9S2

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Precio unitario. Salida de potencia ultra estable de 300W (8 Ohm RMS) y 600W (4 Ohm RMS).Respuesta de frecuencia 5Hz-120Hz. Capacidad de suministro de corriente instantanea. Pico de corriente hasta 150 Amperios.Transformador de potencial Toroidal.HDAM SA. Una entrada balanceada y dos no balanceadas (seleccionable).Componentes de audio de alta calidad.Blindaje por bloques en cobre.Chasis chapado en cobre.Placa inferior de doble capa. Medidor de potencia con iluminación azul. We’ll never forget the impact the introduction of the Marantz Model 7 and Model 9 had in the industry more than 40 years ago. These models fused original circuit design with rational thinking and aesthetic appeal. Not only did these models help establish the Marantz name and brand in the audio world, but also influenced the direction that audio evolution has taken ever since. That the Model 7 and Model 9 are still sought–after-components is a testament to the fact that even though musical sources may have changed, thoughtful design and engineering continue to endure defying the laws of music and audio history. Reviving these two numbers will enrich audio history again. The distinctive voice of the Model 9 has been reborn in the monaural power amplifier MA-9S1. Now it is time for the Series 2 version to update with the latest experiences Marantz engineers made and the use of new material and components to further excel the indescribable performance of this monaural power amplifier. Reference Series full balanced monaural power amplifier Fully re-worked and re-voiced version of famous MA-9S1 Ultra stabile power output of 300 Watts at 8 Ohms RMS and 600 Watts at 4 Ohm RMS Current Feedback technology for fast and accurate signal handling Audiophile 2-satge circuit concept for best signal to noise ratio of 120dB Instantaneous current delivery capability Current peak level capability of incredible 150 ampere Marantz’ newly developed HDAMs for Super Audio (HDAM SA) Shielded Super Ring Core power transformer and Shottky barrier diodes Choke input system to reduce rectifier harmonic noise Ultra low impedance amplifier Rigid multi layer chassis construction with aluminium front and side panels Multi-layer solid copper plated chassis, rear panel and system block shielding One balanced and two unbalanced inputs (selectable) Two low impedance WBT speaker terminals for bi-wiring Blue eliminated power meter (switchable) GENERAL Color Gold Front Panel Metal Remote Control Power Consumption 500 Watts Detachable Power Cable Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 459 x 451 x 198 mm Weight 37Kg

Marantz MA-9S2

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