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Sophisticated New Aluminum/reinforced resin front panel MP3/WMA CD-R/RW Disc available Cirrus Logic CS4392 Super Audio CD Grade D/A Converter Dual Direct Disc Access Key on Front and Remote Coaxial and Optical Dual Digital Outputs Gold Plated Analog Audio Outputs Headphone Output with Volume Level Bi-directional RS-232C Terminal for Custom Installation IR Flasher Input Marantz D-Bus (RC-5) Remote In/Out Wake up (Power on) by Open/Close or Play Key 5 IR Code Set Detachable Power Cord If you want the playback flexibility of a carousel changer, the playback quality of a Marantz single-disc player, and all the features that make a unit extraordinarily easy to integrate into a custom-installed system, look no further. The CC4003 answers all your needs. Behind the CC4003’s new sculptured front panel lies a 5-disc CD carousel mechanism and a host of features that make this player ideal for long-term use as a single player in a home system or part of a “whole house” system where multiple zones reproduce individually selected playlists. Indeed, the CC4003 – either alone or in multiples – is perfectly suited for these roles. Beginning with the front panel, you’ll notice immediately that the CC4003 has the same curved look that distinguishes all current Marantz products. Elegant and simple, the CC4003 augments any décor while the metal + resin composite adds strength. The CC4003 adds WMA file playback to its predecessor’s MP3 capability. So your CD-Rs and CD-RWs will play without incident. Programming capability is extended to 50 tracks for additional flexibility. And fixed-speed forward and reverse scan makes it easier to find your favorite track. Whatever CD you choose to play, the CC4003 employs a high performance Cirrus Logic stereo D/A converter. The same converter used in some Super Audio CD players, the CS4392 produces a rich, lifelike soundfield that’s far more convincing than the anemic reproduction from so-called competitive units. Even though the CC4003 is a “carousel” changer, you can access any disc by pushing buttons on the front panel or remote controller. For even more convenience, you can replace up to three discs while one is playing. A headphone jack with independent volume control means you can enjoy private listening any time without disturbing other household members or your neighbors even when you want to “rock your head”. In addition to gold-plated analog outputs, you’ll find both coaxial and optical digital outputs so you can add the CC4003 to any system. And integration into any system is easy, too. First, there’s a bi-directional RS-232C connector so you can use a touch-screen system controller if you’re so inclined. And there are RC-5 input and output jacks and an IR flasher input, in addition to a detachable AC cord. All in all, the CC4003 is ideally suited for the small spaces common to custom installations. Thinking of using more than one CC4003 in the same system? No problems there as you can set each one (up to five) to respond to a specific set of command codes so you can control each one individually. As for mounting a CC4003 in an equipment rack, simply choose the available RMK4003CC rack-mount kit.


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