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Giradiscos Marantz TT-42

Marantz TT42

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  • TT-42 Turntable Giradiscos TT42 cambio velocidad automático, rodamientos metálicos, incluye brazo, cápsula y tapa

    The analogue recording is still very alive.

    Quality turntables are still in demand.

    Digital discs simply set new performance standards desup to which turntables must measure. Many cherished records may never be issued on digital formats and for those good turntables is now more important than ever.

    Marantz embraces an audiophile quality turntable with DC servo beltdrive and low-coloration tone-arm to answer the need for a high performance source component for the analogue record.


    The TT-42 is here to stay.



    DC Servo motor belt-drive system

    Full Automatic

    Operation Two speed selection

    MM Cartridge Features

    Motor DC Servo Drive system

    Belt Drive Operation

    Full Automatic Speed 33-1/3 & 45 RPM

    Stylus Moving Magnet Input/ Output

    Line output Stereo

    Specifications Speed variation Rated output 4mV/1kHz Freq, range 20Hz - 18kHz S/N Ratio 65dB Wow and Flutter RMS ( din)

    General Colour Black Platter height

    Weight 5.4 kg

    Marantz TT42

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